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NodeJS is server side platform that developed on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It can be used for easily building fast, reliable and scalable web application. It uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model which makes is light-weight and efficient. Its official documentation state that it's perfect for data-intensive real-time application that run across distributed devices. Besides,


Do you have a new computer, sophisticated mobile phone or table? Have you see that big marketing sticker on it that says "64bit"? Did you think what is this "64bit" and it's really important to your device? Even though 32bit and 64bit most popular keywords during last decade, do you know or have you ever heard that there are 8bit and 16bit processors in the market? Besides, 128bit processors too.


The correct battery can make a huge influence. It all can be divided in to four types: Lithium-Ion, NicCad based, Lead acid, and fry cells. With requirement of mobile phones, laptops and tablets batteries high power and increased standby time, battery technology has improved significantly whole over the last decade.


Apple has unveiled their New MacBook Pro 2016 with expected OELD multi-touch bar. It's an impressive laptop which Apple has ever released to MacBook and MacBook Pro stack. Before this new MacBook Pro released, Apple's MacBook design was around four years old.


Any embedded system is subjected to unexpected power failures. For some system, it may happened when user pull the plug instead of shutting down. For others, this only occurs when the power source goes down. Suppose that if it is an automotive system, It anticipated that sudden power start and stop several times per day. If this embedded system is implemented, Without thinking about what happens


The new MacBook Pro 2016 would have a very similar look to previous models but a bit thinner. It also has its own Touch ID power button allowing Apple to once again push the world of passwords further away from the mainstream. According to the Mac's rumors' reports, that this model would work with OLED touch-sensitive key bar - perhaps even a touch display bar above the device's keyboard.


I use iMac PC, Windows PC, MacBook Pro, iPhone and android table. I was finding a note-taking app for synchronizing all my notes among these all devices. I could find Evernote, which is widely regarded as the market leader and had a monopoly on the note taking app market at that time. There were three plans and I selected free plan. Because allowing monthly bandwidth 60MB is enough for me. It's p


The public beta for the new firmware will be released to consumers in July, however if you're not a developer and yet still want to install the developer beta on your device, I've got a workaround for you which doesn't involve purchasing the $99 Apple Developer account. With this tutorial, you'll be able to install the iOS 10 Developer Beta through OTA on your non-developer device without jail-bre


The use of ad-blocking software, tools, and plug-ins for mobile devices as well as pcs that use to block marketing messages have nearly doubled in the past year, raising questions about the foresight of Internet and on-line business models. 22% of global smartphone users, or Some 419 million people, are blocking ads on their mobile device as of March 2016 - a study says. North America and Europe h