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Element 14 has releases 7" Capacitive touch screen for Raspberry Model A+, B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3 and, turns your Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one tablet like embedded system with this capacitive touch screen. Especially for IoT. This kit comes with only the front LCD panel. There's no back cover. But there are a lot of back cover available in the market. In this tutorial, I'm going to guide you to asse


Companies like GitHub are now offering code hosting services based on "git". However, there are some limitation and restrictions, especially if you are an individual or small player. One of the limitations of GitHub is that the free service doesn't allow private hosting of the code. User has to pay a monthly fee of $7 to host private repositories, and the expenses go up with more repos.


This a small tutorial provide you to know how to enable I2C on Raspberry PI device using "raspi-config" tool. Especially for the beginners. It's very simple and sometimes you may already know about it.