Hello Again - Apple plans to launch new Macs?Tech

By Maduranga Jayasinghe | 2016, October 22  Views : 431

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If you plan on buying the new MacBook Pro, now is the time to sell your current one. Apple has been expected to announce a new MacBook Pro on coming 27 of October, and the Mac event is expected to take place of near Apple's Cupertino campus rather than in San Francisco.

What new Macs to be unveiled?

The new MacBook Pro 2016 would have a very similar look to previous models but a bit thinner. It also has its own Touch ID power button allowing Apple to once again push the world of passwords further away from the mainstream. According to the Mac's rumors' reports, that this model would work with OLED touch-sensitive key bar - perhaps even a touch display bar above the device's keyboard.

Apple first jumped on the USB Type-C with the 12-inch MacBook, which uses it as its only port aside from the headphone jack. Mac rumors say that the Pro will only feature USB Type-C ports, rather than USB 3.0 ports. It would also get rid of MagSafe for charging. Power users would require a lot of adapters for old peripherals, but accessory makers would also be forced to look towards the future.

These images you see below come from an article published on slashgear.com website a few month ago.

Apple's new laptop will be the first Mac built specially for macOS Sierra. Apple is just waiting for the development of macOS 10.12.1 to finish so it will support the updated hardware's new features and has released a beta version of macOS 10.12.1 last week for the developers.