iPhone X's Face ID. How secure is the technology?Tech

By Maduranga Jayasinghe | 2017, September 14  Views : 524

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According to the apple key note which was held on 12th of September, 2017, The chances of someone else unlocking your new iPhone X using its new face ID are one in a million. When it comes to Touch ID which has been part of all iPhones since 2013's iPhone 5S except 2017's iPhone X, there is a one in 50,000 chance to open with wrong fingerprint. Apple says these figures and we believe it. They don't disclose where these figures are from.

Let's look at how Face ID works. Front-facing camera and other sensors map user's face to determine if the user is actually the owner of the iPhone or not. The face recognizing system learns more about owners face each time it is used. There is some AI part too. For example, it will recognize user even if user grow a bread or put on glasses. It will also work in the dark.

details of the font-facing camera panel components

Actually, While biometric identification, such as face recognition, fingerprint and retina scan sensors, can be more convenient than passcode, On the other hand it raises important question about privacy and security. Such as how this data is stored and handled. Unknown question here forever. But apple said that facial information is protected by its secure enclave to keep data extremely secure. And also they said face recognition process entirely on the device and not in the cloud or cloud service in an effort to protect user's privacy. Touch id information also encrypted and store securely on the device but apple declined to provide further details.

Screenshot from Apple keynote - 2017.09.12

What happened if some stole your iPhone and turn it into your face when you are sleeping? Apple says that user must have their eyes open and be looking at iPhone for it work. This is somehow effort to prevent unlocking your iPhone. But what if someone try to unlock an iPhone of death person keep opening death body's eyes and keeping look at the iPhone? Once again question… and what if user is an evil twin? Apple unable to ovecome this and that's why Schiller says like this.

"Your iPhone X's Face ID could be fooled by your evil twin, so keep your phone away from that guy."

- Philip W. Schiller

Schiller noted on stage that Face ID's accuracy statistics are lower if someone shares a close genetic relationship with you, and Brackeen echoed this sentiment.

But Apple says Face ID has designed to prevent spoofing attempts by a photo or a mask what completely failed Samsung with Galaxy Note 8. We have to wait until November to check it. But experts believed that iPhone X's Face ID will be more difficult to hack than other systems. Wait until November and see.